25cm Leather Pro Ball & Swivel

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The Benchmark for speedballs and punching bags for competitions and gyms around the world.
At Jim Bradley Speedball we firmly believe that we design and manufacture the best equipment of its kind in the world. We hope that the images you see as you look through our site provide you with some idea as to why we make this claim and why our reputation is second to none.
Speedball today is used extensively within boxing training and fitness programs throughout the world. However, few of us know that over 50 years ago it was Jim Bradley who developed the speedball as we know know it, and love, today. Originally it was a bigger boxing bag which Jim Bradley reduced in size and adjusted the swivel. The exercise was also reduced from 2 x 30 minute rounds to eventually 6 x 3 minute rounds.
The Jim Bradley Pro Ball Kit contains the following:
1 x 25cm Pro Speedball
1 x Polycarbon Swivel

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Many Jim Bradley Speedball users also purchase the Jim Bradley speedball counter. This counter allows you to measure your performance and compete with other speedballers.

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25mm square tube frame spaced at 350mm centre to centre, Rebound board 480mm wide & 540mm long. 32mm thick, Tip: To inflate ball you need to disengage the lock on the zip with a piece of wire (paperclip will do)


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